What Is Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Great question. Let’s first discuss some attributes of affiliate marketing. The first noted thing about affiliate marketing is that it gives the average person a chance to earn money marketing products and ideas without having to create these products and ideas themselves. Many of us are very creative but we just don’t have the money, skill or time to take an idea from our brain and into the material world. What many of us do have is the ability to take that same creativity and apply it to marketing products.

Affiliate programs are usual ran by CPA networks who handle recruiting affiliates and paying them for several different companies.

These companies go to the CPA network and tell them the payment strategy they want and then they create affiliate links that affiliates can use to market their products and services. It is a win-win for all involved. The companies who own these services and products get a large marketing work force who work on either commission of on performance, the network gets a percentage fee and the affiliate has a large selection of products to market.

How Is It Possible To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

Affiliate marketing without a website is possible because the CPA networks will provide you with an affiliate link for each product or service you choose to market. These links tract your performance and they are landing pages for products or services. A landing page is a type of website that is made simply to capture information or make a sale. With an a ffiliate link you can direct promote it and not need a website.

In the PPC world this is called direct linking which is sending someone directly to your link and not through any other form of filter. There are pros and cons to doing this and we will discuss that in a later section.

For now, this explains how it is done on a very basic level but we will flesh it out a bit more a little bit later in this article. Please continue to read on to learn more about this subject. We will give you even more information that you need to know.

The Technical Way To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website.

laptop-work1So let’s go into the technical way to do affiliate marketing without a website. In the last section we talked about direct linking, which is sending your traffic directly to your affiliate link.

We also talked about how your affiliate link is a web address for a landing page that is designed to capture leads, make sales, capture specific information like email address, phone number and zip code. In this section we will talk about how to make this all work so that you can quickly get into the world of affiliate product and service internet marketing.

Making it work. This information is useless if you do not know how to make it work. The first thing you need to know is where will you get your traffic. Knowing where your traffic will come from will tell you how to best use your affiliate links.

Let’s go into some sample traffic sources. You could market affiliate products on Twitter or Facebook and place your affiliate link right in your message. Doing this will allow people to go directly to your affiliate landing page. It is straight to the point. You can also do the same thing on certain PPC network sites but not all. You could also send your affiliate link via sales emails.

Why You Might Not Want A Website

So why might someone not want a website? I think this is a good question and it kills many birds with one stone. Sometimes you simply don’t want the trouble of setting up a website and you want to jump right into marketing.

When this is true simply using a link might be the best idea. Sometimes we don’t want to associate ourselves with certain products like sex toys, diet aids or anything that people have an issue with. Using a link gives you a bit of anonymity.

Some people do not know how to setup a website and aren’t tech savvy. For these people using a link is very easy and something that they will enjoy doing because of the simplicity.

Some people don’t want the expense of buying a domain and paying for webhosting and then having to find a way to design a site. For some people that is just way too much and they would rather just place their affiliate link in front of their traffic source.

One way to improve direct link response is by masking the link by using a URL shortener which will give you a small and more tiddy link. Affiliate links are typically long because they include your affiliate ID and other information that can be a turn off to people and cause them not to click through.

Why You Should Probably Get Your Own Website

stock-footage-portrait-of-happy-businessman-with-notebook-computer-working-on-his-balconyEven after all these reasons about why you can run an affiliate business without a site, the truth is that you should have a website. A website gives you more power and control over your traffic sources, it allows you to capture your own data on people who are interested in certain products.

It also is more professional and allows you to give more content that will increase your sales and performance rate.

All the arguments about price, skills and other reason why you shouldn’t have a site can easily be mitigated by realizing that you can get a domain name for around $1 to $10 a year, you can get hosting for as little as $7 a month and there are a ton of templates and CMS systems that will allow you to create a website in one click. The best CMS you can use is WordPress, and we found an article about Using WordPress For Affiliate Websites, you can check ti out.

So if all this is true, then why do we promote going without a site? We do so as to not scare off the technically challenged, to get them started quickly and then we show them how to become more professional with a website.