If you avoid doing these things bad, the chances are that you will be much better than lots of guys girl sometimes end up with. Trust me, this is something everybody should know, however, they do not really seem to! So read this and remember!

  1. Do not shame her body. This is the worst thing you can do. How do you expect her to sleep with you if you are to make fun of her body! Well, you would not like it if she did the same thing to you, right?
  2. Do not shame your own body. Seriously, this is not any better. I mean, why would you even do that? She will only feel awkward and not very good about it.
  3. Do not spit on her. Do not do everything you see in adult films. It is not real, things do not work that way. Spitting is really not sexy. It is disrespectful. So if the girl does not personally ask you to do that, just donĀ“t.
  4. When it comes to anal sex, you have to have her permission. NO questions asked.
  5. Do not call woman a whore or a slut. It is disrespectful just like spitting.
  6. Do not be selfish. Think of her and things that make her feel good.

Well, now you know what the things you should not be doing in bedroom are. And we hope that you will not do them ever again. Well, it is only for your good, so you should probably listen.