If you think that you do not have to change in a relationship, then you have probably never been in a real relationship. It does not work without a change. However, that does not mean that you are forced to change while you are in a relationship. Usually, you change without even noticing it. Because you know that this change is good! So, here are the ways a good woman can change you:

  1. She makes you a more social person. Sure, you may find meeting her friends annoying, however, it is a way of meeting new people, and it is always good to know some people, right?
  2. She teaches you about things you have not known about. Meaning, she makes you better in bed. Because without practice, it would be impossible!
  3. She helps you stay normal. Thanks to her patience, you can talk your emotions through without going through everything alone.
  4. She helps you be an honest person. Well, woman will always find out if you are lying to her. So, do not even try.
  5. She helps you stay healthy. And sober!
  6. She helps you focus on your career. Seriously, if you were not in a relationship you would probably not be thinking about your future that much, right?
  7. She will help you stay motivated.
  8. With her you are trying new things.
  9. Simply, she makes you a better person.

If your girlfriend does these things, then she probably is a great girlfriend, right?