Gentlemen, if you want to know how to be a good boyfriend, then you have to learn about the things that are scaring girls off. So, are you ready? Read and learn!

  1. You can scare a girl off by giving her too many compliments. Yeah, women love compliments, however, if you give them too many compliments right at the beginning, it might seem fake or desperate.
  2. Telling her about everything too soon. Do not tell her all your secrets at once. Take it slow. Even you would not like her to tell you everything about her family, her exes, etc.
  3. Bad hygiene. Of course bad hygiene can scare a girl off. Every girl! If you want a girl who takes care of herself, then you have to try that too.
  4. Being bad in bed. Do not worry, this can change if you want.
  5. Not being to able to talk about sexual issues. This is just too bad. Because there is no way of improving the sex if he is not willing to talk about it.
  6. Being rude to others. This is not cool, neither hot. So stop making a fool out of yourself.
  7. Not giving her space. A girl has her own life, her own friends and her own interests. Let her some time.
  8. Not cuddling after sex. This is a very bad thing you can do, so try to cuddle at least for a short while. It will not kill you.