Everybody lies in the bedroom. Sometimes. And women are experts. So, if you think that no woman has ever lied to you in the bedroom, perhaps you will be surprised once you read this list of lies that women say!

  1. When she tells you that she came. Well, she may be lying, but she just want it all to be over and so she chooses to lie. It is sad, but it happens quite often.
  2. They say that size does not matter. Well, it does not, if your size is okay. But if it is not…
  3. She probably tells you that she would never want a threesome with two guys. Well, she probably would want to have a threesome with two guys.
  4. Women lie about the squirt. Well, the squirt may not be the squirt. It may be the pee. Mostly, women do not really know.
  5. Women do tell guys that they are the best they had when they do not mean it. If you were the best they would not have to tell you.
  6. They lie when they tell you their number. It is usually higher than they are willing to admit.
  7. They lie about liking penetration. Women do not like it. Well, most of them.
  8. They lie about liking sex. In reality, they just want it to end.