Anxiety And The Way It Affects Your Brain

Anxiety And The Way It Affects Your Brain

Anxiety is becoming more and more popular now with more and more people suffering from it. Well, anxiety is nothing pleasant and you cannot stop it just like that. However, we hope that the fact that anxiety can affect your brain is going to finally help you make something about it!

Dementia can be the result of contantly worrying and feeling tense. And the cause is the cortisol, a hormone that our brain produces when we are stressed. It can be useful short-term, however, it can seriously harm your hippocampus.

Well? What should you do in order to deal with your anxieties? You can go to a therapy or, you can try by simply exercising, meditating or finding a hobby that you will enjoy doing and that will help you relax.

Do not do too many things if you think that you cannot make it. You need to have the time for yourself, you cannot work non-stop.

So, go for it and change your life! If you do not change it, the consequences may be fatal. And you probably do not want that, do you?

Just try running, relax with some good music, dance, walk and do what makes you feel happy.


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