Are You Going To Be Single Soon?

Are You Going To Be Single Soon?

Although you should probably know when to expect a breakup, the chances are that in some cases, you might become so ignorant, that you might be missing some signs.

Luckily, you have us to inform you of these things. So that you prepare for what is unnecessary. So here it comes:

  1. If she stopped telling you about her struggles. No matter what they are. Also, if you are no longer telling her about your struggles, you are in trouble. Couples share these things, we simply need someone who we can tell about our problems. And if it is not our partner, then who knows…
  2. You are not making plans. If you are not making plans, then it is certain.
  3. Not touching each other means that you are not attracted to each other anymore. And honestly, no relationship can work like that.
  4. If you are not fighting, it is not good. Because healthy couples fight. It is normal.

So, you should probably consider how your relationship stands and then think about whether it is worth saving, or not. Good luck!

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