Best Dates Vs. The Worst Dates

Best Dates Vs. The Worst Dates

Some of you will probably think that it should be clear to all men what the best places and the worst places to take a girl on a date to are. Well, you would be surprised because the truth is, not everybody knows it. That is the reason why men often fail when choosing the destination of the first date. So, to make it clear, once and for all, these are the places that you should take girls to:

Comedy Club – girls love to laugh! So all you have to do is pick the right place and go!

Bar Hopping – you would probably think that this is the worst idea. However, it is so fashionable! And so much better than just sitting in one restaurant for the whole evening!

Bowling – a good bowling club will definitely impress her.

And the worst are:

Movie – there is no time to talk during a movie. And, since you two do not know each other well, making the right movie choice will be quite difficult.

Dinner – this is just too boring. Everybody goes for dinner. Try to be more creative!

A place where you spend too much – girls do not need this. And some may actually feel weird and bad about it. Go to a nice place that is not too expensive or too fancy.



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