Celebrities Reveal How to Boost Your Sex Life

Ever wonder how celebrities spice up their sex lives?

Celebrities, whether from the film. Song, or the entertainment industry, have a lot to deal with. They are shooting at 7 am in the morning and singing before crowds at 12 in the night. In between, they also enjoy their personal lives.

So, what is the secret behind the energy and vitality of celebrities? How do they never seem to get tired? Or, what keeps them afresh every night, no matter what they did during the day?

Today, we will find out what celebrities do to revitalize their sex lives so that you might try out an idea or two!

Cheryl Cole Believes in the Power of Yoga

Singer and TV actress Cheryl Cole advises us to practice our breathing exercises regularly. She feels what you learn during yoga can be put into good use during sex.

As it turns out, Cole may be closer to the truth than you think! Specific yoga positions do have a positive effect on your sex life. Poses like Cat/Cow flow, Bridge pose, One-Legged Pigeon, and Child’s pose can boost your sex drive. You can even join a yoga class focused on energizing your activities in bed!

Cole also thinks we should have sex with people we are really serious about. She feels men should earn the intimacy first and then get physical to derive the most pleasure out of sex.

Testosterone is the Secret for Jane Fonda

When Jane Fonda says something, you know it has got weight! The actress, activist, model, and receiver of innumerous awards cites testosterone as the secret behind her great sex at 71.

She came out with the confession in her autobiography. Interestingly, she has also devoted 50 pages to present ways a couple can keep up their vigor after the crazy days of youth.

Fonda credited her beauty to genes, a healthy lifestyle, and good sex. She says she still has the best sex of her life in spite of a spinal surgery, artificial knee, and titanium hip.

Testosterone therapy has always been associated with men. But studies show that it can also boost the libido of women, especially those who are over 50 or had their ovaries removed.

However, there can be side effects like facial hair and deepening of the voice. Fonda had to stop testosterone therapy because she started getting acne like a teen, which was too much for her!

Testosterone Works for Robbie Williams Too!

Robbie Williams is one of the classic cases of what low testosterone can do to your life. The singer went for a diagnosis while suffering from depression in his 30s and found out he had the testosterone levels of an 80-year-old man. His low levels of testosterone affected his life, making it fatigued and lethargic.

Robbie was put on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and regained his lost vitality and energy in no time. He got a new lease of life and could do things with more energy and commitment.

Low testosterone levels are common in older men. In fact, your testosterone levels drop by 1% each year after you turn 30. Around 10% of men between 40 and 60-years suffer from low testosterone, while the number increases to 20%.

TRT can really turn the lives of many men around, but awareness remains low. You can easily check your testosterone levels with a simple blood check. Ideally, all men over 50 should get their testosterone checked.

Soup Turns On Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus has been in the headlines for a number of reasons, but maybe not for something as strange as this! We have been talking about how celebrities spice up their sex lives, and for Miley, a simple bowl of soup seems to be the secret.

In October, Miley shared an Instagram Story that showed Miley and his boyfriend, Cody Simpson, enjoying bowls of soup. Miley called soup an aphrodisiac when she posted a picture of the couple kissing in matching black outfits.

Miley’s relationship and their PDA has come out many times on her social media accounts. But this is the first time she had to offer an insight into her sex life. In the picture, Miley is having a light brown soup while Cody is sipping on a white soup with veggies.

Now, we don’t really know the ingredients of Miley’s soup. But we can guess a few things that might have gone into making it. Nature has a bounty of foods and herbs that boost your libido like avocado, honey, basil, asparagus, ginger, and chili, and cinnamon. If you make a soup out of these aphrodisiac ingredients, you will surely notice a change.

Many celebrities take herbal solutions instead of making soups as they are short on time. Spanish Fly, one of the most well-known aphrodisiacs, is a top favorite of celebrities and contains natural ingredients. A few drops can do wonders and give you an exciting sex life like a celebrity!


It’s All about Location for Scarlett Johansson

Let’s admit it; we all have our kink when it comes to having sex in strange places. For Scarlett Johansson, it’s all about location! One of her favorite locations to have sex is in the car, preferably the back seat. Scarlett says sometimes she gets in a crazy and kinky mood and needs a fitting location to satisfy her urges.

It’s not uncommon for couples to go to new places or a vacation to break away from the monotony of the bedroom. A new location can do good to your senses and mind, and make you open to new experiences. So next time you feel the fire dying down between you and your partner, try some crazy and daring locations like the lift, maybe?

We would love to hear from you about your secrets that make a great sex life. Just leave your insights in the comments!

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