Do I want to last longer in bed?

Do I want to last longer in bed?

Premature ejaculation is simply defined as “when a man ejaculates sooner during sexual intercourse than he or his partner would like”. Now, ask yourself, “Do I want to last longer in bed?” For the majority of people, the answer is yes. People want to be able to last longer in bed to provide a more pleasurable experience and fully satisfy both parties with an orgasm. Many men are unable to do this. However, now there is a safe, effective, and affordable solution to combat this problem plaguing men everywhere. The product known as Pelay, through an enhanced formula in a gel solution, has effectively ended the threat of premature ejaculation.


Bill, a 30 year old, writes in from Alaska, “I used to love horseback riding, but a few years ago, an incident on the back of a horse left me in the hospital for weeks. I had severe damage to my groin, specifically in my testicles. I had to have a surgery done to maintain control over them. Ever since, I’ve not been able to last long in bed. I have been so sensitive to the point where it is uncomfortable. I ejaculate in ten seconds during intercourse. I even have to be careful of what clothes I wear, as certain fibers rubbing against my penis may cause me to ejaculate. I needed a solution badly. I needed it not just to save my sex life, but my simple everyday living experience.

Product with no such side effects

That’s when a coworker recommended that I try Pelay. I did a bit of research to know what I was getting into. The last product I tried completely numbed my genitals, making it impossible for me to maintain an erection and unable to feel pleasure from intercourse. It was not an experience I wanted to try again. However, to my surprise, this product had no such side effects. Pelay’s fast acting gel formula would absorb into the penis cells in just four minutes and would cause no discomfort, would allow me to maintain an erection, and would allow me to keep a full range of pleasure and feeling in my penis. It contained no Lidocain, one of the leading causes of discomfort in other products. I still wasn’t entirely convinced so I looked deeper. Once I saw the variety of case studies and the over 95 percent improvement rate among a wide range of men, I was sold.


I just dropped five drops onto the head of my penis

I ordered the product that same night, and when it arrived, I was aching to try it. I opened the plain box and took out both the Pelay Gel and Pelay Applier. I dropped five drops onto the head of my penis and the Applier massaged it directly into my penis. Now, I was eager to try it out. That night, I lasted over thirty whole minutes with my girlfriend before I came. We both were more pleasured than ever before. This product is truly a miracle and I beg anyone struggling with their sex life, or even those who simply want improvement, to try Pelay.”

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