Do Not Stay Late At Work Ever Again!

Do Not Stay Late At Work Ever Again!

The desire to earn more and more money every day is what makes us want to stay late at work and do more than we actually need to. Or not? Is it only because we have bad time management that we are forced to stay late at work? Or is the reason behind our overtime more serious?

How many of you cannot simply say no, even when you know that you have to? It is important to realize that take on more than you can actually handle, is probably not the best solution and sooner or later the negative aspects will reveal themelves.

This is something you should realize before you try to do anything else. If this is your case, then these hacks will not help you. However, if you think that procrastination is your problem, then you will find this advice helpful.

  1. You should work for 52 minutes and then have 17-minute break. This is how most productive people work.
  2. Instead of listening to your favourite music, listen to the sounds of nature. A study has found that this is what can actually boost your energy and also our mood!
  3. Get rid off the distractions. Mainly, get rid off your phone.
  4. Only check your email three times a day. In the morning, at lunch and at the end of your workday.

Basically, do your own analysis of the things and people who distract your from your work. Whenever something happens that interrupts you, write down why it happened and who caused it. It will help you work more efficiently.

Good luck!

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