Exercise With Your Dog!

Exercise With Your Dog!

On sunny days, the city parks are crowded with people. Some are walking their dogs, others are running or simply just sitting on the grass and enjoying the beautiful day. However, there are also people who manage to join two of these activities together, and those are the people who go exercising with their dogs. It may be new for you, but it is actually becoming more and more common these days.

It is a great idea! Just think about how much time it can save you! Walking your dog and exercising at the same time. However, before you start pursuing this type of workout, there are some things you might want to know.

Like, the best option would probably be running. Dogs love running and with hands-free leash, you are going to love it too! Or, you can simply use no leash at all! However, this is not recommended in busy area. Find some place quiet, with no traffic. And also, make sure that your dog is not that type of a dog who tends to wander.

Or, if you prefer cycling, you can do that with your dog too! However, you should probably check with your vet before you decide to do this type of exercise.

Enjoy your workout, you two!

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