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    Types of Sexual Dysfunction

    The following types of sexual dysfunction are discussed: Sexual Dysfunctions Related to Genitalia (Dyspareunia) Type 1 – Dysgenesis (Difficulty with Ovulation) Type 2 – Dysmenorrhea (Difficulty with Menstruation) Type 3 – Dyspareunia (Painful Erections) Type 4 – Anorgasmia (Lack of Orgasms) Type 5 – Paraphilias (Sexual Fetishes) Type 6 – Homosexuality (Homosexual Behavior) Type 7 […]

  • Ways to boost libido
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    Ways to boost libido

    1. Exercise: Regular exercise improves mood and energy levels, which increases your libido. Studies have shown that regular physical activity helps to lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality, reduce body fat mass and muscle mass and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. 2. Regular exercise improves mood and energy levels, which increases your libido. Studies […]

  • Celebrities Reveal How to Boost Your Sex Life
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    Celebrities Reveal How to Boost Your Sex Life

    Ever wonder how celebrities spice up their sex lives? Celebrities, whether from the film. Song, or the entertainment industry, have a lot to deal with. They are shooting at 7 am in the morning and singing before crowds at 12 in the night. In between, they also enjoy their personal lives. So, what is the […]

How To Look Better

It is not that difficult to become more attractive. And believe me, becoming more attractive is definitely worth spending some money! Because once you become more attractive, you also become more successful. If you do not believe me, just try it! Here are some tips that will help you! Invest in a good suit. A […]

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  • The First Date

    Let´s have a look now at things that are ruining first dates. Because, well, we all heard about those thins that are supposed to make a date awesome, right? But do we know about those that can ruin the date? Well, let me tell you about some. Going to the toilet too often can leave […]

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  • A Dating Advice From The Past

    Would you ever think that a relationship advice from the year 1913 could be relevant even today? Well, believe it or not, people knew something about relationships back then. And they are happy to share it with you now. Do not add house chores to your wife by not cleaning up after yourself. Do not […]

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  • Your First Date: How To Be Cool

    Sure. First date can be pretty stressful for those who are unprepared. However, if you do what is necessary to calm yourself down, you will manage to get through the first date without any harm. Yeah, we would all love that to happen, would we not? Well, the good news is, it can! And here […]

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  • When You Fall In Love

    When we fall in love, we are acting crazy. And we are making all the worst possible decisions that we can in our new relationship. Ain’t that right? Well, just think about it. Has it ever happened to you that you simply ignored all that was important and jumped head over heels into a new […]

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