The First Date

The First Date

Let´s have a look now at things that are ruining first dates. Because, well, we all heard about those thins that are supposed to make a date awesome, right? But do we know about those that can ruin the date?

Well, let me tell you about some.

Going to the toilet too often can leave a bad impression. Well, of course that does not mean that you should hold it in, but if you go there every five minutes, that may be a problem.

Smoking. If one of you is a smoker and the other is not, it may later become a problem. And also, some non-smokers may also be mad when other people are smoking in their presence without asking.

Looking at all the other people but not the one you are on a date with. When you are on a date, nobody else exists. Well, that is how it should be, at least.

Do not be too eager to kiss her. Give her some space.

Talk, you need to communicate, I mean, that is why you are on the date, right? Ask her questions, answer to her questions.

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